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If you don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of forints on new furniture to replace your used, maybe even a bit shabby table, armchair, etc. and you also wish to avoid polluting the environment by creating more waste, then this page is for you!

I only use VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compound) products to renovate furniture. VOC is the collective name for harmful hydrocarbon derivatives in the air like methyl and ethyl alcohol and formaldehyde. These substances can pollute the air in a room for up to 5 years if they evaporate from paint, varnish or wax.

Products for sale

Old Hollywood desk
Párducos asztal
Panther table
Antik dzsungel komód
Jungle drawers

How can you order

If you are interested in a product or a service, please contact me. In case you wish to buy a piece of furniture I can show it to you in person.
You can pay by cash or by bank transfer.


About me

I’ve loved painting for as long as I can remember. I owe the joy of working with wood to my foster-grandfather, who taught me not only how to play poker at the age of six, but also how to be a carpenter – well, as much as you can teach a six-year-old girl to these things.
For a long time, handicrafts were just a hobby for me, and although I had a few exhibitions, I work as a communications trainer.
In the summer of 2022, I had the idea of trying furniture renovation. I started with a small coffee table and immediately fell in love with the idea of giving a worn, tired table a new, fun, modern look. Since then I’ve renovated some pieces of furniture and I’m constantly learning as I’m experimenting with new techniques.

I’m the happy owner of a rescued dog and a rescued cat – I’m only writing this here because they might show up in some pictures, especially the cat who loves photo-bombing.


Katalin Piczkó
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The table, which Zsófi redecorated in gold and black, was love at first sight! It has become an irreplaceable prop on the stage of our improvisation game.


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